The Great Wall Tours
- China Great Wall Hiking Trip
The Great Wall hiking is the main draw of China tours. The Great Wall of China is one of the largest defensive project ever constructed and a symbol of Chinese civilization. Hiking on the China Great Wall, the only man-made structure visible from space, will be a lifetime experience. The magnificent Great Wall of China stretches approximately 6700km and spans nine provinces, just like a gigantic dragon lying in northern China. As time gose by, some parts of the wall are in ruins or have disappeared, while sections of the Great Wall have been preserved and repaired for visitors. Nowadays, the Great Wall of China is listed as one of the World's Eight Grand Wonders and has become the most popular travel destination in China.

Making a trip to at least one section of the Great Wall should be a must for your China tours. Construction of the Great Wall started in the 7th century B.C. In the year of 221B.C, whole China was unified by Qin Dynasty, when the seperated walls were joined up together to make futher effective defense against the northern nomadic tribes. According to historical records, in more than 2000 years over 20 dynasties had ever built the Great Wall. This impressive wonder has witnessed the up and down of the earth, yet still remaining in the world. Any trip to China would be incomplete if the Great Wall hiking is not on the tour itinerary. The challenging Great Wall hiking tours will give you a vivid knowledge of its history, functions and awesome size.