Tiananmen Square
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Tiananmen Square, located at the center of Beijing City, is the largest ctiy central plaza in the world and the geographical center of Beijing City, named after the majestic Tiananmen Rostrum (literally, Gate of Heavenly Peace) which lies to its north. Formerly, Tiananmen Square was occupied by imperial offices which were inside the Forbidden City and connected the Temple of Heaven to Qianmen and the palace. Now, Tian'anmen Square houses many important buildings and leads to the tourist entrance to the Forbidden City. The Tiananmen Square covers an area of 440,000 m² with 880 meters long east-west and 500 meters long south-north, which can hold more or less one million people at one time. Tiananmen Square has great cultural significance as it was the site of several key events in Chinese history. Many significant festivals are celebrated in the Tiananmen Square
and it is a great place to experience Beijing culture. As the place of making the declaration of the foundation of the People's Republic of China on October 1st, 1949, Tiananmen Square can be regarded as the heart of People's Republic of China. Tiananmen Square has an impressive sight, with the majestic Tiananmen Rostrum on the north, the National Museum of China on the east, the Great Hall of the People on the west, the Qianmen Street and Qianmen Tower on the south, Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall and the Monument to the People's Heroes in the center. The Tiananmen Rostrum to the north was built in 1417 during the Ming Dynasty where the mperial edict were sent to the whole nation in the past.
The Monument to the People's Heroes in the centre of the Tiananmen Square was dedicated to the martyrs who devoted their lives in the struggles to make China an independent nation through centuries before the Communist Party found the People's Republic of China. The Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall, standing to the south of the Monument, was built in 1977, one year after he died. The remains of Mao Zedong are laid in a crystal coffin in the center of the main hall. Many Chinese old generations pay great admiring awe to him. To the west of the Tiananmen Square stands the Great Hall of the People where the National People's Congress is held. With its vast open space, its splendor and importance attracts thousands of tourists, both domestic and international, to come to visit here everyday. Here are some guide information of Tiananmen Square.

Location: Tiananmen Square, in the city center of Beijing

Opening Hours: 4:00 to 23:00 for Tiananmen Square

Contact number: +86 10 85968802

Tickets: Free for square visiting and Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall;